Home Made Curd

Dish Name:Home Made Curd

What we need:

  • Full fat cow or buffalo milk-1/2 litre
  • curd -1 tsp(as a starter)

How we make:

  • If you using packet milk,boil the milk twice and allow it to cool
  • Basically you need to boil the milk till it becomes nice and thick to make a set curd at home
  • Remove the top creamy layer before adding the milk to the container
  • Take a small mud handi (pot)or any steel container
  • Test the temperature of milk,dip your finger in the milk and check if its hot or warm
  • Slowly pour the warm milk in the vessel till its full
  • Add curd stir and mix  it well
  • Now cover it and keep in warm place overnight or till its set
  • Dont shake the container
  • After curd is set ,you can use it in salads or cooking or store in the refrigerator
  • It stays fresh for 2 to 3 days and starts getting sour later



Total time spent:8 to 10 hours

In warm and humid climate conditions its very easy to set the curd and it sets very soon.So cold temperatures do affect the setting time,so dont worry just take care to keep the vessel in warm place and add an extra spoon of curd to the milk while you set it.

Quality of milk also is very important and using a low fat milk will not yield good results.Always remember to save a tsp curd to prepare fresh curd the next time.Don’t use sour curd to prepare fresh curd else it makes the fresh batch of curd also sour.Making curd in pot not only keeps it cool but also looks cool.When using the pot first time clean it with hot water and keep it immersed in water overnight.After it dries up you can use it for storing the curd.Cleaning should be done with warm water and do not use soap to wash it ,instead soak it for some time in warm water and rinse it with baking soda with help of soft  brush or any soft scrubber.


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