Veg Pan Pizza

Dish name: Veg Pan Pizza

What we need:

  • Medium or small pizza base-2
  • Pizza sauce-4 tbsp
  • Olive oil-2 tbsp
  • Red,green,yellow capsicum-julian ,1/2 cup
  • Sweet corn-4 tbsp
  • Mixed herbs for seasoning
  • Mozarella cheese-1/3 cup
  • Black Pepper
  • Salt

How we make:

  • Add 1 tbsp oil in cooking pan and saute  the capsicum for 2 mins and remove it
  • Now add broccoli and again saute it for 2 mins and keep aside.
  • Place a non  stick cooking pan on low flame and brush the pan with a tsp olive oil
  • Place one side of the base on it,cover it and cook  for 2 mins
  • There will be a small rise in volume of the flattened bread and also the base turns light brown
  • Remove and keep it on a plate
  • Take another base and follow the same step
  • On the plate,place the pizza such that the golden crust is on top side over which you will place all the topping
  • Spread 2 tbsp  of pizza sauce
  • Place the capsicum  and corn over it
  • Season with salt ,pepper and herbs
  • Add generous amount of mozarella cheese on this
  • Now again keep the non stick pan ready.
  • Heat it for a min and brush the pan with olive oil
  • Now slowly place the pizza on this
  • Cover and cook on slow flame till the base turns golden and crispy and cheese melts
  • Keep a watch on this process so that base doesn’t get burnt
  • It takes about 5 to 7 mins for cooking since we have already cooked the base at the start
  • Same way follow up for the next pizza
  • Take the ready pizza on serving plate and sprinkle the herbs and pepper .Cut into wedges and serve.

I sometimes brush the pan with oil and directly keep the base on it and add sauce and toppings while the base stays in pan.After adding cheese I switch on the gas ,cover the lid and cook.Toppings can be of your choice,I take the ones which are available and fresh .You can add paneer or only onions and capsicum and cheese.

Any topping that goes in pan pizza should be first sauted with seasoning and then put on base else the veggies don’t get cooked unlike in oven.For this recipe i used homemade pizza sauce which is easy to make and tasty.

Total time spent:20 mins


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