Ragi Dosa

Dish name: Ragi Dosa

What we need:

  • Dosa rice- 2 1/2 cups
  • Split Urad dal-1/4 cup
  • Methi seeds-6to7
  • Poha-3 tbsp
  • Ragi flour- 3/4 cup
  • Salt

How we make:

  • In the morning,Wash and soak the rice  ,methi and Dal separately in  two bowls for 6-7 hours
  • Add poha soaked for about  5 mins and Grind the mixture separately  to a thick flowing consistency by adding water little by little 
  • Texture should be like sooji rava and not very smooth
  • Take a large container and add the mixture.Add water if needed
  • Now mix the Ragi flour evenly in the batter
  • Cover and keep in warm place for fermentation overnight or at least another 6 to 7 hours
  • Next morning you will observe batter turns thick and foamy due to fermentation 
  • Add salt and check consistency of batter ,add water only if required 
  • Heat the non stick dosa tawa and spread oil on tawa using a tissue dipped in oil
  • Pour the batter with laddle in centre of the pan  and quickly start moving  in circles spreading the batter evenly 
  • Pour a tsp of ghee all over the dosa and cover with lid for a min or till the dosa leaves sides of pan 
  • Remove the lid and serve the dosa on plate with chutney ,sabzi of ur choice or sambar
  • You need not grease pan every time if you using a non stick tawa

Total time spent:  soaking time + fermentation time+ (30 mins) cooking time for approximately 18 dosas .

If batter quantity is more ,first take the required batter qty in one bowl that you want to use and keep the remaining batter in air tight box  immediately in fridge without adding salt to it.Finish the batter within  3 days.


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