Homemade Desi Ghee from milk cream

Ghee is saturated and a stable fat for cooking.Ghee made at home is  purely natural and also has rich flavour and can be used on daily basis to cook as well as eat .Loved by all ages and it’s  good source of vitamin K.It needs to be protected from water and sunlight as these will degrade ghee.

  • Always store your ghee in a glass bottle or steel container with a good seal in the dark.
  • Store it for 2-3 months by keeping in an airtight container.
  • For longer shelf life of a year,keep ghee in  a refrigerator, without opening.

Dish Name: Desi Ghee from milk cream

What we need:

  • fresh cream
  • curd
  • Hand whisk or electric beater

How we make:

Take a steel air tight container and add 1 tsp of curd into it.

  • On day to day basis,Every time you boil milk and let it cool ,you have to collect fresh cream from milk and immediately add it into the container which contains curd and keep it in fridge
  • Remember to take a medium size container so that cream you collect each time fills up till the top soon and you can make butter on a weekly basis
  • Also its important to remember not to keep vessel out for longer time after you add the cream to it
  • Curd is added only at the beginning of the process,and each time only cream is added til it fills up the container
  • After a week or around 8-10 days when the container is full ,remove it from fridge and keep it out for atleast 20-30 mins
  • Now empty the gathered cream mixture into a round bottom handi which will help you to whisk the mixture with ease
  • IMG_20160916_170007
  • Either you do it manually using the traditional wooden whisk or an electric beater
  • Manually it will take atleast 10-15 mins for curdling to take place and butter to form 
  • IMG_20160916_170437
  • If using beater start with speed 1 and gradually increase the speed and butter forms in less than 10 mins 
  • IMG_20160916_170229 - Copy
  • Sometimes it will take longer time for butter formation so need not worry
  • Next important step is to collect the butter and put it in another thick bottom aluminium vessel by separating the butter and butter milk neatly
  • IMG_20160908_150614 - Copy
  • Be a little patient while you do this
  • Butter is ready and you can use it for cooking as well, instead of making ghee
  • IMG_20160916_171118
  • Next switch on the gas and keep the butter for heating, slowly you will notice butter melting to form the ghee
  • After about 7-8 mins when all the butter is melted and it turns brown ,a clear liquid is formed which is Ghee
  • If you have any doubt ,sprinkle few water drops in between the cooking process and when you hear crackling sound it indicates that our ghee is ready.
  • IMG_20160912_170243
  • Switch off the gas and let ghee cool down and before it solidifies pour into the desired bottle and use it for cooking and eating.                                                                                                                                                                                                                              Total time spent-30-35 mins

        I boil the milk daily twice once in morning and in evening and start collecting the        cream and immediately i add it to the bottle or steel box and keep it in fridge .Once in 10 days i make butter and use it for cooking directly or melt it and use it for making ghee.


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