Soyi sabzi (dill vegetable)




Soyi or dill leaves vegetable has a strong and tangy taste and is popular for it’s culinary as well as medicinal properties.I like it cooked as a vegetable ,or in parathas,few fry items,and also garnish some soups and gravies.Loaded with a good amount of vitamin A and C ,it helps in digestion and enhances immune system.

Dish name:Soyi bhaji

What we need:

  • Dill leaves bunch- 1 medium size
  • Oil-2 tbsp
  • Masoor dal-2 tbsp,soaked for 30 mins
  • Garlic- 1 tbsp crushed roughly
  • Onion- 1 small ,finely chopped
  • Green chilly- 2 ,finely chopped
  • Salt to taste
  • Water

How we make:

Clean ,wash,and finely chop the vegetable.

  • Heat oil in cooking vessel.when it’s ready add garlic and chillies
  • Give a quick stir as the garlic will start changing colour soon
  • Now add onions and mix well and let the onions and garlic leave the raw smell
  • Add the soaked Dal and vegetable and close the lid
  • After 3 mins ,open the lid stir the vegetable so that Dal get mixed evenly with the leafy veggy
  • Add salt and 1/4 cup water for cooking,and once again cover the vessel and cook the vegetable till the water dries up and Dal and vegetable is cooked                                        b       Read to be served with jowar roti, chapati or Dal rice.

Total time spent: 25-30 mins

As we soaked the  Dal prior to cooking ,it saves the cooking time.Also u can use soaked moong Dal in place of masoor Dal .If you like the sabzi little spicy then increase chilli and garlic qty  as per your like.


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